Today a slightly tenuous connection, but an interesting project none the less.

40 Stations is a photographic project initiated by Muammer Yanmaz. It is a series of 40 portraits, shot in underground stations, of Turkish artists and intellectuals. The project began in Paris in 2001, and has since had incarnations in New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo. It was exhibited in London at Space in 2008.

The photographs depict people who have achieved success outside their native country of Turkey. The series subtly suggests and celebrates the benefits of migration and the mixing of cultures in metropolitan environments.

Here I have selected an image courtesy of Muammer Yanmaz’s website. It is taken from the London project although it is actually at our very own Brighton station.

Here is Muammer Yanmaz website showing all three projects…
Muammer Yanmaz- 40 Stations, London